van evera bailey

March 19, 2010

richard martin house | van evera bailey architect | 1952


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  1. Chris Wilson Says:

    I ran across some original blue prints by Van Evera Bailey over the weekend including his plans for his sister’s house. Is there any market for these? I wasn’t sure. I put them on ebay 260809946695 & 220806247489 in case you know of anyone interested.

  2. ann Says:

    Are you able to share where in Lake Oswego the “Richard Martin House” is located? Is it perhaps on Ridgecrest? I ask as it appears similar to a home scheduled for demolition.

    • insituarchitecture Says:

      Sadly this is the same house on Ridgecrest that is slated for demolition. I worked with the family and the city to develop a scheme that would almost ensure that the house would remain, but the neighbors fought it and now they will most likely get a new McMansion in it’s place.

  3. Greg Nelson Says:

    What became of the plans you found? I helped Van give most of his plans and drawing to the Oregon Historical Society some years ago.

  4. ann Says:

    Dear Chris,

    Thank you for your response – and confirmation – regarding the Richard Martin House. The new owner and his contractor were very gracious in allowing the Lake Oswego Preservation Society access to the home. A vast number of photographs were taken by local historian Susanna Kuo in an effiort to document this home priot to demolition.

    Take good care,


  5. ann Says:

    Chris or Greg,

    We – the Lake Oswego Preservation Society – have been told the Van Evera Bailey’s sister also lived in a home he designed on Ridgecrest in Lake Oswego. Are either of you able to provide any information regarding such home?

    Thanks, and take good care,

  6. Steve Turner Says:

    I just noticed this website and the comments above. I live on Ridgecrest and my house was also designed by Bailey. If interested let me know.

    • insituarchitecture Says:

      Hi Steve. It’s been awhile since I was there, but I do recall there are a couple of Bailey designed homes on Ridgecrest. I’d love to see your house sometime – I will contact you via email. Thanks.

    • Sarah Cantine Says:

      HI Jeff,
      Nice seeing you on the house tour last weekend! I am working with Restore Oregon to organize a tour of VEB houses next spring and we are beginning to reach out to home owners who may wish to be on the tour. Last year we did Pietro Belluschi’s houses, and the year before Saul Zaik’s. It is a great preservation advocacy group and is just starting to hone in on mid-century. Tours like these will hopefully convince more people of the worth of these fantastic buildings, and mean fewer heart crushing tear downs. Steve- if you have any interest in being on the tour, or even just helping us know more about VEB, I’d love to talk to you. (I am an architect in Portland as well, and went to school with Jeff.) Please let me know. Cheers- Sarah

  7. Sarah Cantine Says:

    Jeff- Nice site by the way!

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