small project update

April 26, 2011

we recently shared some drawings and photos of a small bathroom remodel inspired by the japanese bath house.   the work is complete and it turned out quite nicely (thanks to right arm construction).  here are some photos of the completed project:

a quick reminder of what it once was.


6 Responses to “small project update”

  1. What vanity cabinet did you use here? Love the color, drawers and cantilever.

  2. insituarchitecture Says:

    Thanks Chad. The cabinet was made by a local shop and outfitted with Ikea pulls.

  3. V. Renwick Says:

    How does the doug fir wood react to the shower water? I have cedar walls around a claw foot tub and was thinking of installing a shower but worried about the wood.

    • insituarchitecture Says:

      You are smart to be cautious – particularly if your cedar walls were not designed to be in a shower. For this shower, we took great care to make it waterproof and durable. The walls behind the shower are carefully waterproofed, the wood has multiple coats of good finish on all sides, and the wood is installed with an airspace between the wood and the wall behind to prevent moisture from getting trapped. All of these should extend the life but the wood will still require some maintenance over time.

  4. […] see more about the project here. […]

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