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council crest update

July 27, 2012

from yesterday:

exterior and interior progress continues.

architecture by bohlin cywinski jackson

construction by don tankersley construction


warm and dry

May 9, 2012

work has been progressing.  enclosure is complete, heat is on, and drying is underway.

more updates soon.


November 23, 2011

work progresses amidst the rain and fog.

construction update

November 2, 2011

work is progressing on the council crest residence in southwest portland.  see last month’s post titled the process of (de)construction for a first look at the project.  here’s a quick look at roughly one month’s worth of progress:

glimpses of the composition taking shape

view from the park

upper roof deck getting ready for tapered insulation

interior framing begins

gutter framing with insulation / protection board progressing

process of (de)construction

September 23, 2011

over the past year, i’ve had the pleasure of teaming up with one of portland’s finest residential contractors, don tankersley construction.  although i’m working outside of my usual role as architect/designer, this has been an equally challenging and rewarding experience and one that will certainly inform my own architectural work.  one of our most recent projects to start is an extensive remodel of a residence located in the southwest hills of portland.  the remodel has been designed by bohlin cywinski jackson architecture of seattle.

check back frequently for updates as construction progresses.