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process of (de)construction

September 23, 2011

over the past year, i’ve had the pleasure of teaming up with one of portland’s finest residential contractors, don tankersley construction.  although i’m working outside of my usual role as architect/designer, this has been an equally challenging and rewarding experience and one that will certainly inform my own architectural work.  one of our most recent projects to start is an extensive remodel of a residence located in the southwest hills of portland.  the remodel has been designed by bohlin cywinski jackson architecture of seattle.

check back frequently for updates as construction progresses.

demo time

August 23, 2011

new life in store for some tired old buildings.

stay tuned.

beach house interior

May 19, 2011

we made a quick visit to oceanside to check in on the construction progress over the last few months.  the owners are doing most of the work themselves, and they’ve been moving along steadily on the interior.  the spaces are starting to take shape, colors are getting introduced, and this little beach house is starting to come to life.

beach house skin

December 6, 2010

the siding progresses.

outer skin of hardie panels with vertical battens (to be painted).

inner skin of western red cedar shingles.

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beach house continues

November 12, 2010

roof is on.  windows are in.  framing is up.  decking is down.

pictures are here: