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cool green

July 23, 2013

more we now have a little patch of green lawn and some rusty planters to go with our deck.  summer is here.

1_skidmorepassiv_stern web

with the amount of high shgc glass on our south facade, it would be easy to overheat without proper shading.

3_skidmorepassiv_stern web

on the hottest days, we simply close our exterior shades to block unwanted solar radiation before it hits the glass.  the ability to fully control the shades means we can optimize the amount of gain or shade we are getting depending on the daily conditions.

2_skidmorepassiv_stern web

the shades can be tilted to  allow views out while still blocking the sun.  the cost of the shades was offset by the elimination of cooling equipment and the cost of the energy to operate it.

4_skidmorepassiv_stern web

the exterior shades combined with the exceptional insulation and thermal mass has kept our house exceptionally cool and comfortable without any air conditioning.

more detail to follow.  check back soon.


paint and draw

October 5, 2011

jean vollum painting drawing and photography building

oregon college of art and craft

charles rose architects

tea house

September 23, 2010

boa nova | casa de cha | alvaro siza

fading summer

September 13, 2010

summer retreat | hvaler norway | reiulf ramstad arkitekter

hill houses

April 30, 2010

a look at a few houses built along fairmount boulevard, and how they maneuver the slope.

i love this simple elevation.  architect unknown.

one of the few houses on the down slope that is built on grade.  this house nestles into the hill beautifully and has a notch in the roof to allow the tree to grow through right at the building wall.

the detached garage for the same house is also notched to allow for a tree.

will martin architect.  simple and timeless in a 70’s way.

green metal barn on stilts.

parking the car is a huge challenge on these sloping sites.

big house and mini-house.

it’s as if they forgot they were building on a slope…

van evera bailey architect showing how to do it.


January 18, 2010

Summer House in the Stockholm archipelago

Tham & Videgard Arkitektur

tea house

October 7, 2009

tea house 1

boa nova | casa de cha | alvaro siza

beautiful brain

August 26, 2009


neurosciences institute in la jolla by tod williams billie tsien


August 14, 2009


olympic sculpture park | pavilion terrace with anthony caro


olympic sculpture park | pavilion interior


olympic sculpture park | western avenue reflection


July 18, 2009

a few shots of the getty by richard meier