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November 23, 2011

work progresses amidst the rain and fog.


November 17, 2011

        some vertical eye candy courtesy of:

diaz y diaz



pugh scarpa



? (photo by ken mccown)


baas architects

kevin hart

foreign office architects

peter zumthor

tadao aando

francisco mangado

o-s architectes

baas architects


November 14, 2011

last week i successfully passed part 1 of the Certified Passive House Consultant exam, and in the next few weeks i’ll be wrapping up the take home design portion. with a little luck in the new year i will be a Certified Passive House Consultant!

construction update

November 2, 2011

work is progressing on the council crest residence in southwest portland.  see last month’s post titled the process of (de)construction for a first look at the project.  here’s a quick look at roughly one month’s worth of progress:

glimpses of the composition taking shape

view from the park

upper roof deck getting ready for tapered insulation

interior framing begins

gutter framing with insulation / protection board progressing